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Yohimbine Supplements - Benefits and Side Effects

Yohimbine is a supplement that comes from an evergreen tree in West Africa called Pausinystalia Yohimbe, which belongs to the Rubiaceae family. Yohimbine is classified as an alkaloid (a bitter-tasting compound containing nitrogen commonly found in plants, which includes stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, morphine, and strychnine). Yohimbine also goes by the names of corynine, aphrodin, yohimvetol, "harveys harvest," and simply yohimbe, since yohimbine and yohimbe are terms commonly substituted for one another. The bark of the yohimbe tree has been used in a myriad of ways by the natives of Africa, but primarily it has been used as a method for curing impotence in males.

Although many people do not think genuine aphrodisiacs actually exist, there is much evidence showing that yohimbine indeed functions as one – certain standardized forms such as Yohimbine Hydrochloride (Yohimbine HCL), are currently prescribed by some doctors to treat impotence. Yohimbine HCl is also claimed to be useful for weight loss, especially for eliminating stubborn fat.

So how does yohimbine work? By increasing blood flood to the genital region, then hindering it from flowing back out, which can work wonders for an impotent male's sex life. The active ingredient in yohimbe bark is known as "yohimbine HCI," which is the main chemical classified as an alkaloid. The bark of yohimbe actually contains only a small amount of yohimbine, so a concentrated extract is needed to derive the most effective results. But caution should be used as well, since at least one case of priapism (a sustained, painful erection) has been reported with the use of yohimbine thus far.

Women can also take yohimbe, but it is not recommended by doctors and is usually not as effective. WARNING: pregnant or nursing women should NEVER take yohimbe as it can harm a developing fetus or cause a miscarriage; and it's also known to negatively affect the quality of a mother's breast milk.

The actual bark of the yohimbe tree is generally large and soft, which makes harvesting the herb relatively easy. Procuring yohimbine is best during the cold and rainy season in West Africa, since that is the time concentrations of yohimbine HCI in the tree bark are at their highest level.

Some claim yohimbe also increases testosterone production in males, but nothing has been rigorously proven thus far. Because yohimbine widens and opens blood vessels, it can actually help arteries stay unclogged. But you should refrain from smoking yohimbe as it is known to produce powerful hallucinations.

Are there any side effects with yohimbe? Yes. The most serious of which is probably elevated blood pressure (it is occasionally prescribed as a boosting agent for people with low blood pressure). Other side effects commonly reported are anxiety, dizziness, overstimulation, high heart rate, sleeplessness, mental confusion, irritability, headache, irregular heart beat, upset stomach, and elevated body temperature. While supplementing with yohimbe, you should avoid foods with a substance called "tyramine," which is commonly found in liver, cheese, and red wine.

Yohimbe also affects water elimination, so persons with kidney trouble should avoid it. Men with prostate issues should also refrain from taking yohimbe; and people with psychological or mental health issues should avoid it as well (even though there is conflicting evidence stating yohimbine functions as a mild antidepressant in some individuals). Overall however, with moderate use, side effects are usually not very serious.

So if you are a male and your sex life needs a good jolt, consider taking Yohimbine supplements for better results in the bedroom. Simply go to your favorite health food store and you should be able to find it. Better yet, most of the vitamins and supplements shops lists coupons for have it, and for better prices that you are likely to find locally. Buying a bottle just may supercharge your libido enough so that you will soon be bucking like a stallion again in no time.

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