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Benefits of Vitamin C

When you get a cold, you will most likely be told to take vitamin C. In today's health news, we hear a lot about vitamin C being the "cure-all" vitamin, and many people want to know if this is true.

Oranges Are A Good Food Source of Vitamin CVitamin C is definitely an important part of anyone's diet. Ingesting a healthy level of vitamin C has been shown to have an impact on the presence of cholesterol in the body. This means that vitamin C can help prevent gall bladder disease and some heart problems. Some studies show that vitamin C can aid in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Vitamin C can also help you look younger by aiding in collagen repair and formation.

Vitamin C is most commonly known for aiding in the function of the immune system. Maintaining healthy vitamin C levels during the cold season can keep you healthier during the time when the immune system may be weaker. Taking extra vitamin C at the onset of a cold can help you get back to your normal self in much less time that usual.

It is recommended that 200mg of vitamin C be ingested daily to receive all of its benefits. Vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, but most people do not eat enough of these foods to reap the many benefits of vitamin C. For this reason, many people should add a vitamin C supplement to their diet. Be sure to consult your doctor about whether you should take extra vitamin C.

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